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Arthur Richard Bultitude (14 January 1908–1990) MBE was an English musical instrument bow maker, who spent much of his life working as a craftsman for the firm of W.E. Hill & Sons. Bultitude was brought to and introduced to the Hill shop by William Napier (father of Frank Napier another exceptional Hill bow maker). Bultitude developed a close relationship with William Charles Retford, one of the foremost Hill makers after James Tubbs. Arthur R. Bultitude worked for the Hill shop from 1922 until 1961, after which he set up his own shop where he continued making bows based on the same model set up by Alfred Hill (the Tourte model).[1] His bows are typically decorated with a silver Tudor Rose. The bows made for W.E. Hill & Sons are marked with number 6 on the tip under the bow hair.[2]


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