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Captain Arthur Campbell Walker, F.R.G.S. was a British soldier and golf player, who taught at the School of Musketry, Fleetwood.

Walker was born in Forfarshire. He was a keen golf player who has been credited with founding the Fleetwood Golf Club.

He had a distinguished Army career. He was ensign in the 79th[1] Foot (Queens Own Cameron Highlanders) and took part in the Crimea War. He was present at the siege of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. He was appointed as an instructor at the School of Musketry, and became an advocate of armoured trains as means of strengthening the coastal defences of the United Kingdom.[2] He was subsequently Adjutant to two of the Rifle Volunteer forces, Northumberland, (1868–77) and the Hertfordshire (1877–83).[3] He was captain and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society at the time of publishing Correct Card.



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