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For the American businessman and politician, see Arthur E. Chase. For the British cyclist, see Arthur Adalbert Chase.
Arthur Chase

Arthur Chase (October 21, 1835 – November 30, 1888) was the co-founder of Theta Chi Fraternity. He was born in Bellows Falls, Vermont and entered Norwich University in 1852 where he roomed with a young cadet named George Dewey who later became famous as an Admiral. Chase was 20 years old when he assisted his distant cousin Frederick Norton Freeman in the founding of Theta Chi Fraternity. He was elected the first president of Alpha Chapter, with Freeman serving as secretary. Prior to founding the Theta Chi Society, he and Freeman were thought to be members of the secret Regulators group on campus. He earned a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering in 1855 and an A.B. Degree in 1856. Chase earned a law degree from Harvard University in 1859. Chase married Garfelia Davis in 1863. Four of the couple's seven children reached adult life. In 1868 Chase purchased The National Eagle, a weekly newspaper published in Claremont, New Hampshire. At one time he was the Superintendent of Schools from which office he enacted many reforms. Arthur Chase died unexpectedly at the age of 53. Throughout his life, he had been known to be energetic and to resolve problems quickly, never resting until a job was completed. Chase never enjoyed the greatest health and often exhausted himself.

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