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Arthur Edward Powell ( September 27, 1882 - March 20, 1969 ) was a Theosophist whose books were published beginning in the early 1900s. He studied the major esoteric works of Helena Blavatsky, Charles Webster Leadbeater & Annie Besant.

Family Background[edit]

Arthur E. Powell was born at "Plas-y-Bryn," a house located in Llanllwchiairn ( near Newtown ), Montgomeryshire, Wales. He later emigrated to the United States, where he died in Los Angeles, California in 1969. Arthur's parents were Edward Powell ( 1850-1918 ) and Mary Eleanor Pughe Pryce-Jones ( 1859-1944 ), who married on June 3, 1880. Arthur's father Edward Powell was a solicitor, and Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the Humber-Hillman Company ( an automobile manufacturer ). Arthur married twice, his first wife being Hilda ( surname not known ), and his second wife being Winifred May Fenwick.[citation needed]


Powell's main topic was consciousness and was written about in these books[1] and other texts:

  • The Mental Body (1927)
  • The Causal Body And The Ego (1928)
  • The Solar System (1930)
  • The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena (1926)
  • The Etheric Double (1925)
  • Human Astral Entities
  • The Mastery of Emotion
  • Astral Death
  • Clairvoyance in Space and Time
  • Kundalini
  • The Fourth Dimension
  • Rebirth
  • Discipleship
  • Chakras
  • The Development of Astral Powers
  • Sleep-life
  • Dreams
  • Invisible Helpers
  • The Astral Plane
  • Non-human Astral Entities
  • Thought Forms
  • The Magic of Freemasonry
  • Spiritualism
  • The Work of a Lodge of the Theosophical Society


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