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Arthur Fogel
Born Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation(s) CEO, Divisional at Live Nation Entertainment
Associated acts U2, Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Police, etc
Website Official website
Notable instruments

Arthur Fogel is a Canadian music promoter.


Fogel is the CEO of the Global Touring division of Live Nation Entertainment and the chairman of its Global Music group.[1] The organization sells almost 50 million tickets to more than 20,000 events every year, and his team has managed four of the top five highest-grossing tours in history, including those by U2, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and The Police.[2][3]

Bono of U2 called Fogel "clearly the most important person in the live music world" in a documentary movie titled Who the F**k Is Arthur Fogel,[4] which was screened at the Canadian Music Week Film Fest of 2013.[5]

Fogel spent his childhood and adolescence in Ottawa, Ontario, graduating from Ashbury College. He later obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University. Fogel subsequently relocated to Toronto, where he played drums professionally.[6]

Fogel's involvement in music promotion commenced after meeting promoter Dennis Ruffo in Ottawa, when Ruffo had booked the Wells-Davidson Band, in which Fogel was the drummer.[6] Fogel's rapport with his musician clients is reportedly enhanced by Fogel's own history as a professional musician.[7] Fogel first started in the concert and music promotion business at a Toronto club called The Edge.[8] In 1981, he joined Concert Productions International (CPI) as an executive assistant before being promoted as president of the concert division at CPI in 1986. In 1995, Fogel became president of The Next Adventure (TNA), a global touring company, and was responsible for the global touring division as the company was acquired first by SFX, then by Clear Channel Communications.[8]

As a promoter and tour manager, Fogel has actively responded to setbacks. In 2000, his team was prompted to cancel Diana Ross's Return to Love Tour mid-stride, reportedly due to a failure of financial negotiations with artists, high ticket prices, and low attendance.[9] A 2002 Guns N' Roses concert tour was reportedly shaken by promoter Clear Channel Communications's cancellation of multiple concert dates, due to the band's second failure to appear. Described by MTV News as a riot, the event suffered fighting and mayhem amidst the audience, and between the audience and the attending riot police.[10][11]

In 2016, Fogel was named to the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame.[8]

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