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Arthur Googy (born Joseph Arthur McGuckin, March 19, 1961) is originally from Jackson Heights, New York. He attended Blessed Sacrament elementary school followed by a brisk visit to Newtown High. He was a drummer for the horror punk band The Misfits.[1]

Googy was the longest-running drummer of the band's original era, spanning the years 1980 - 1982, and was present during the "Master Sound Productions Sessions" that led to the Walk Among Us album. He would tour with the band in several infamous shows, many of which ended up on highly sought-after bootlegs.

His contributions include the albums Walk Among Us, Evilive and 3 Hits from Hell. His work is also prevalent in Collection I and Collection II, as well as the drummer for tracks 9, 12 and 13 on the album Legacy of Brutality. "Die, Die My Darling" from the Earth A.D. album is also attributed to him.

Jerry Only states in the book "American Hardcore" that he attributed a significant amount of success for the album Walk Among Us due to Arthur's dedication to the music and rehearsals. Only goes on to reveal that Arthur worked a full-time job in construction in NYC, lived in Queens and traveled daily to New Jersey.

After leaving the band he formed Antidote with guitar player Robb Nunzio. He currently plays in The Noise.[2]

Googy lives in New York on the upper east side.


With The Misfits[edit]

With Antidote[edit]


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