Arthur H. Vinal

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Arthur H. Vinal
Nationality American
Occupation Architect
Buildings Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Arthur H. Vinal (1854 – 1923) was an American architect who lived and worked in Boston, Massachusetts. Vinal started a partnership with Henry F. Starbuck in 1877; the firm broke up when Starbuck moved away. Vinal was City Architect of Boston from 1884 to 1887. Vinal is principally known for his Richardsonian Romanesque High Service Building at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir (1887). In addition to his other public buildings, Vinal designed numerous residences in Boston and nearby suburbs (not all, or even mostly, romanesques).

Other works[edit]


23 Warren Ave (South End) Boston, MA, 1881 
The High Service Building at Chestnut Hill Reservoir, Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 1887 
Fisher Hill Reservoir gatehouse, Fisher Avenue, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1887 


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