Arthur Hartmann

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Arthur Hartmann
Born(1881-07-23)July 23, 1881
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
DiedMarch 30, 1956(1956-03-30) (aged 74)
Occupation(s)Violinist, composer, teacher
Instrumentsviolin, viola
Years activefl. ca. 1895-1956

Arthur Martinus Hartmann (né Arthur Hartman; July 23, 1881 - March 30, 1956)[1][2] was an American violinist, composer and friend of Claude Debussy.[1]

Hartmann was the son of Sigmund Hartman and Pepi Schweiger, who had immigrated from Hungary in December 1879. His father discovered his musical talents early on, and from the age of 6 Arthur studied with the Dutch-born violinist and composer Martinus van Gelder [nl; ru] (1854–1941). Later, Hartmann would adopt "Martinus" as a middle name in his teacher's honor.[1]

Uncle to writer/artist Alfred Bendiner (1899–1963)

Author of "Claude Debussy as I Knew Him' and Other Writings of Arthur Hartmann"



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