Arthur Hoops

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Arthur Hoops
Arthur hoops.png
Born 1870
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died September 16, 1916
Long Island City New York, New York, United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 1900–1916

Arthur Hoops (1870[1] – September 17, 1916) was an American stage and screen actor primarily associated with actor James K. Hackett. From 1900 on Hoops supported or costarred with Hackett in three Ruritanian themed plays Rupert of Hentzau, The Pride of Jennico and most famously The Prisoner of Zenda. Hoops also appeared in Alice of Old Vincennes in 1901 with Virginia Harned. Both he and Hackett well over 6'4" made worthy adversaries in the famous duelling scene from 'Zenda'. It was the most famous duelling scene in the American theatre at the turn of the 20th century.[2]

Hoops moved on to silent film in 1914. As his screen career progressed Hoops appeared in several films with Mary Pickford, one film with Marguerite Clark and finished his career in over half a dozen films at Metro Studios starring early screen vamp Olga Petrova. Hoops died in Los Angeles at 46 following a heart attack.[3][4]

Selected filmography[edit]


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