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Arthur Joseph Christopher Howes (15 July 1950 – 29 November 2004) was a documentary film maker and teacher.


Howes was born in Gibraltar on 15 July 1950, and moved to London as a teenager.[1] He was married to Amy Hardie and had one son. He died from lung cancer in London on 29 November 2004, aged 54.[2]


Howes studied teaching, then film-making at the Polytechnic of Central London.[2] He went on to have a long career in documentary film-making and was particularly known for a trilogy about the Sudanese civil war.[3] He also taught during his career at University of Essex and the London College of Printing.[2] At this time of his death he was working on a film Bacchanalias Bahianas 1-5 which was left unfinished. He had worked on this film in Brazil and it focussed on beach culture in Bahia.[3]

Sudanese films[edit]


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