Arthur J. Lamb

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Arthur J. Lamb
Birth nameArthur J. Lamb
Born(1870-08-12)12 August 1870
Somerset, England
Died10 August 1928(1928-08-10) (aged 57)
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Occupation(s)Composer, lyricist

Arthur J. Lamb (12 August 1870 – 10 August 1928) was a British lyricist best known for the 1897 song "Asleep in the Deep" and the 1900 song "A Bird in a Gilded Cage". He collaborated with many song-writers, including siblings Albert Von Tilzer and Harry Von Tilzer, Henry W. Petrie and Kerry Mills.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Selected works[edit]

  • "Asleep in the Deep" (1897) m. Henry W. Petrie
  • "Dreaming of Mother and Home" (1898)
  • "At The Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea" (1899) m. Henry W. Petrie
  • "A Bird in a Gilded Cage" (1900) m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "The Spider and the Fly" (1900) m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "When Wealth and Poverty Meet" (1900) m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Out Where The Billows Roll High" (1901)
  • "The Banquet in Misery Hall" (1902) m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Jennie Lee" (1902) m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "The Mansion of Aching Hearts" (1902) m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "A Brand Plucked from the Burning" (1902) m. Kerry Mills
  • "I Know She Waits for Me" (1902) m. Kerry Mills
  • "Beneath the Palms of Paradise" (1903) m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Like a Star That Falls From Heaven" (1903) m. Kerry Mills
  • "When The Bell in the Lighthouse Rings Ding, Dong" (1905)
  • "The Bird On Nellie's Hat" (1905)
  • "All She Gets from the Iceman is Ice" (1907)
  • "You Splash Me and I'll Splash You" (1907)
  • "Any Old Port in a Storm" (1908) m. Kerry Mills
  • "If You Were Mine" (1908) m. Kerry Mills
  • "You've Got the Wrong Number But the Right Girl" (1911) m. Kerry Mills
  • "My Keepsake is a Heartache" (1915) m. Clarence M. Jones
  • "Good Luck To The USA" (1917)


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