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Arthur Kade in 2009.

Arthur Kade (born Arthur Kadyshes) is an American former financial adviser.[1] Raised by his grandmother in Northeast Philadelphia, Kade attended college at Temple University. Upon graduation, Kade began a career as a financial adviser with American Express Financial Advisers, located in Conshohocken.[1][2] In early 2009, Kade embarked on what he calls "The Journey", the pursuit of his lifelong dream of becoming an actor and model.[1]

Kade has appeared as an extra on one scene on Gossip Girl and on television,[3] radio,[4] in blogs[5] and newspapers, as well as in an article in Philadelphia Magazine.[1] As of October 2009, production company IMG Media was reported to be developing a reality television project based on Kade's life.[6] Kade appears in an episode of the Showtime series La La Land in which the Borat-like host Marc Wootton, hoping for "a master class in self-confidence", interviews Kade while pretending to be a London cabbie wanting to become an actor.[7]

Critics have argued that Kade's desire is simply to become famous at whatever cost.[1] He has been criticized for engaging in self-promotion, which has resulted in media coverage.[8][9][10][11]

Kade's behavior has led some to suspect that his life is an elaborate performance art project. Authors James Frey and Anna David, in Philadelphia for a reading, met with Kade to try to find out. Frey, who says Kade's website is "one of the funniest, most absurd, most ridiculous things" he's ever seen, later wrote that he and David found Kade "nice and polite", "a real person, one that was slightly delusional about himself, but not at all resembling the buffoon on his website or in his videos." Kade later blogged that the writers were ""blown away with my looks and body", called Frey "an amazing author", and rated David "a cool, classy 7.5; probably a 9 fifteen years ago."[12]

In 2010, Kade announced he was playing a character in an attempt to create a television show in the style of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. In 2011, Kade started interviewing celebrities and he currently hosts the talk show "#InTheLab with Arthur Kade" based in New York City. [13]


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