Arthur Kenneth Jones

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A. K. Jones
Personal information
Country England
Born07 September 1887
Diedfirst quarter 1975

Arthur Kenneth Jones known as A. K. Jones (1887 in Southampton – 1975 in Salisbury) was an English international Badminton player.


Arthur Kenneth Jones won the 1925 All England Badminton Championships in the men's doubles event. Until 1977 the tournament was the unofficial world championships. Jones was a pioneer of the sport. In 1925–26 he belonged to an English touring team, who travelled to Canada and the United States for two months to develop the sport in those countries on behalf of the Canadian Badminton Association which had recently been formed in 1921.[1][2]


Season Event Disziplin Place Name
1925 All England Men´s doubles 1 Herbert Uber / Arthur Kenneth Jones

Personal life[edit]

He was a bank clerk by trade and lived in Richmond Surrey.


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