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Staten Island Railway rapid transit station
R44 train at Arthur Kill on the second day of the station's operation.jpg
A southbound train leaves Arthur Kill
Station statistics
Borough Staten Island
Locale Tottenville
Coordinates 40°31′00″N 74°14′30″W / 40.5168°N 74.2416°W / 40.5168; -74.2416 (Arthur Kill Road)Coordinates: 40°31′00″N 74°14′30″W / 40.5168°N 74.2416°W / 40.5168; -74.2416 (Arthur Kill Road)
Services SIR Main Line
Transit connections Bus transport New York City Bus: S78
Structure At-grade
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened January 21, 2017; 6 months ago (2017-01-21)[1]
Station code 523[2]
Accessible This station is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ADA-accessible
Station succession
Preceding station   MTA NYC logo.svg Staten Island Railway   Following station
toward St. George
Main Line
toward St. George
Main Line
toward Tottenville

Arthur Kill is a station on the Staten Island Railway (SIR). It has replaced the Atlantic and Nassau stations, which were the two stations that were in the poorest condition along the line. Located near Arthur Kill Road in Tottenville, Staten Island, New York, the station opened on January 21, 2017. It has two tracks and two side platforms, and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Station layout[edit]

M Mezzanine Crossover between platforms
Side platform, doors will open on the right Handicapped/disabled access
Southbound Tottenville toward Tottenville (Terminus)
(No service: Atlantic)
Northbound St. George toward St. George (Richmond Valley)
(No service: Nassau)
Side platform, doors will open on the right Handicapped/disabled access
Poster on a Staten Island Railway R44 train announcing the opening of the Arthur Kill Station

This station has two tracks and two side platforms, with an overpass connecting the platforms. As opposed to the Nassau and Atlantic stations, which this station replaces, both platforms can accommodate four-car (300 feet-long) trains.[3] Those stations only had single-door boarding. The station is ADA-accessible via two ramps, one on each side of the overpass. The northbound and southbound platforms are connected by an overpass.[4] It includes a 150-car parking lot,[5] on SIR property, that can be expanded in the future.[6] There are benches and surveillance cameras on both platforms and windscreens, which are covered by canopies. The total cost of the station was $27.6 million.[6] Artwork was installed as part of the opening of the station. The artwork, titled "Tottenville Sun, Tottenville Sky", was created by Jenna Lucente and is located in the windscreens. The artwork, consisting of 28 laminated glass panels, depicts the landscape and wildlife of the adjacent community.[1]


Station site in October 2013

The construction of an Arthur Kill station was first proposed in the 1990s to replace the Nassau and Atlantic stations, which were located directly to the south and north of the station, respectively. Commuters from these stations were only allowed access from the last cars of the trains.[7] As a result, these two stations were not included in station modernization programs with other stations. The construction of the station had been deferred due to budget constraints, but funding for it was included in the 2010–2014 MTA Capital Program, with $16 million allocated to the project.[3][8]

The station was expected to be complete by 2010, but was delayed due to a lack of funding in the capital program.[8][9][10] A groundbreaking ceremony was held on October 18, 2013, with a projected opening date of late 2015.[3][6][11] In July 2015, the opening date was then pushed back to August 2016, with delays caused in part by the addition of storm resiliency measures.[6][12] In June 2016, the station's opening was pushed back once again to November due to changes in the Electric Distribution Room.[13][14] In October 2016, the opening date was pushed back yet again to January 2017 because of a need to redesign the electrical distribution room, the exterior wall panel, and various communications issues.[15] The station opened on January 21, 2017, at 5:00 a.m, replacing the adjacent former stations at Nassau and Atlantic, which were permanently closed on the same day.[1]


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