Arthur Koestler (book)

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Arthur Koestler
First U.S. edition book cover
AuthorMark Levene
PublisherFrederick Ungar (US) and Oswald Wolff (UK)
ISBN0-85496-086-4 (cloth);
ISBN 0854960899 (paperback)

Arthur Koestler is a book by Mark Levene published in 1984, a year after Arthur Koestler's suicide. The book is divided into seven main chapters, of which the first of is a biography and the other six critical essays on each of Koestler's six novels, his stories and his play Twilight Bar.

The book, which measures 200 mm x 120 mm (small format) was published by Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. in New York, 1984, and by Oswald Wolff (Publishers) in London, 1985, ISBN 0-85496-086-4 (cloth); ISBN 0-85496-089-9 (paperback).


Chronology [of Koestler's life], (pages ix–xv)

The Koestler Life: An Arrow in the Twentieth Century (pages 1–32)

Silhouettes of History: The Gladiators (pages 33–54)

The Mind on Trial: Darkness at Noon (pages 55–77)

Therapy, Aesthetics, and the Divine: Arrival and Departure (pages 78–95)

Old Means and New Ends: Thieves in the Night (pages 96–112)

The Pathology of Faith: The Age of Longing and Twilight Bar (pages 113–132)

Doubts and Fatigue: The Call Girls and Five Stories (pages 133–148)

Conclusion (pages 149–151)

Notes (pages 152–164)

Bibliography (pages 166–171)

Index (pages 172–176)