Arthur Kronfeld

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Arthur Kronfeld
Prof. Arthur Kronfeld, 1932.
Born (1886-01-09)January 9, 1886
Berlin, German Empire
Died October 16, 1941(1941-10-16) (aged 55)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Nationality German
Fields Psychology
Institutions University of Berlin

Arthur Kronfeld (January 9, 1886 – October 16, 1941) was a renowned German-Jewish psychiatrist, and eventually a professor at the University of Berlin. Later in life, Kronfeld took up an important position in Moscow. On 10 October 1936, an exchange between Kronfeld and fellow exiled German-Jewish psychiatrist, James Lewin, was recorded in the proceedings of a meeting of the Moscow Society of Neuropathology and Psychiatry.[1] Later, Kronfeld and his wife committed suicide at the approach of German troops.[citation needed]



(Titles translated)

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