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Sir Arthur Marsden (1883 – 26 November 1960)[1][2] was a Royal Navy officer who became a British Conservative Party politician. He served as a Member of Parliament (MP) from 1931 to 1935 and from 1937 to 1950.

Naval career[edit]

Marsden was made a Royal Navy Sub-lieutenant on 15 November 1902[3] and was promoted to Lieutenant on 31 August 1904.[4] He later was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and as such was in command of the Acasta-class destroyer HMS Ardent in 1916 at the Battle of Jutland. The Nassau-class battleship SMS Westfalen sank Ardent, but Marsden was commended for his service in the battle.[5][6] Later Marsden was promoted to Captain, and on 5 October 1920 he transferred to the Royal Navy Retired List.[7]

Political career[edit]

Marsden first stood for election to the House of Commons at the 1929 general election, when he unsuccessfully contested the Communist-held Northern division of Battersea. In a four-way contest, the seat was won by the William Sanders of the Labour Party, and when Labour's vote collapsed at the 1931 general election, Marsden won the seat from Sanders.[8]

Sanders regained the seat at the 1935 general election, but Marsden returned to Parliament two years later when he won a by-election in July 1937 in the safely-Conservative Chertsey division of Surrey. He held the seat until he retired from the Commons at the 1950 general election.[8]


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Member of Parliament for Battersea North
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