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Arthur Wait
Born Arthur John Wait
Circa 1910
Died 27 June 1981
Nationality English
Occupation Builder and football club executive
Years active Circa 1930–1981
Known for Construction industry
Chairman and Life President of Crystal Palace F.C.
Notable work Arthur Wait stand at Selhurst Park, London SE25

Arthur John Wait (c. 1910 — 27 June 1981) was an English builder and life president and former chairman of Crystal Palace F.C..

Arthur Wait was a local builder who joined the board of Crystal Palace F.C. as a director sometime between 1948 and 1950.[1][2] In 1958 he became the Chairman, before being replaced by Raymond Bloye in 1972,[3] and he then became Life President of the club, a position he held until 1981.[4] The Arthur Wait Stand at Selhurst Park is named in his honour.[5] Wait was a lifelong Palace supporter who used to sneak into the ground as a schoolboy.[2]

During his time as chairman he oversaw a successful period for the club, gaining promotion to the First Division in 1969 and he also helped the club gain distinction when he invited Real Madrid over to play their first ever game in London to celebrate the installation of new floodlights at the club. Wait and the board initially wanted to invite a famous club from the north of England, but after discovering the fee demanded, Wait declared: "If that's what they are going to do to us, we might as well try to get Real Madrid." Wait secured the services of the Spanish giants for a fee of £10,000 and expenses. On the evening of 18 April 1962, the Spanish Ambassador switched on the floodlights and Madrid secured a first half lead of 3-1 and then held on to win 4-3.[6]


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