Arthur Wallis Mills

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Photograph of original artwork by Arthur Wallis Mills for The Black and White Illustrated Budget, 01903-04-11

Arthur Wallis Mills (often abbreviated A. Wallis Mills, as well as A. W. Mills) (1878–1940) was a British artist. As well as traditional art forms,[1] Mills also produced artwork and occasional cartoons for Punch Magazine,[2][3][4][5][6] The Strand Magazine,[7] The Humourist, The Black and White Illustrated Budget and The Royal Magazine in the United Kingdom as well as The Wanganui Chronicle in New Zealand. He also illustrated A Cabinet Secret (Guy Boothby, 1901),[8] the 1908 edition of The Novels of Jane Austen in Ten Volumes,[9] The Zincali - An account of the gypsies of Spain (George Borrow, 1841) and The Red Book of Heroes (Andrew Lang, 1909).[10]



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