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Article Video Robot
Developer(s) Navneet Rai
Stable release
1.00 / January 26, 2009 (2009-01-26)
Operating system Website
Type Article Marketing
License Subscription

Article Video Robot (AVR) is a flex based online software that helps users to turn ezine articles into live talking videos that can be published on websites as widgets or on video sharing sites like YouTube as videos.


Article Video Robot is a fully online flex-based application which means that no download or setup is required to run it. It is also a browser-based rich internet application, which means that it is cross-platform compatible, and can run on Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

Making articles into video[edit]

To make videos of articles in AVR, one does not require a video camera. Also, no knowledge of video editing is required. Instead, it is a straightforward process, allowing anyone to create videos with ease.

The program's interface provides two ways for the user to turn an article into a video, namely, the fully automatic conversion mode and the semi-automatic conversion mode.

Fully automatic conversion mode[edit]

In the fully automatic mode all the users is required to do is paste his/her article's URL into the converter. The program then automatically fetches the contents of the articles and heuristically scans for it for the most relevant pieces of information. It then transforms this filtered text into video elements such as pictures, videos and animations to create the final video. The whole procedure takes approximately 1–2 minutes.

Semi-Automatic conversion mode[edit]

In the semi-automatic conversion mode the user is required to copy and paste the article's content by hand and progress through the wizard manually. While this may be more time consuming, it provides the user with much better control over how the article is transformed into a video, as the wizard asks for user input at every step.

Automatic Voice-overs[edit]

To convert the article into a talking video a voice-over is required. AVR completes this task by synthesizing the audio and converting the article's text into speech. There are over 50 different male and female voices provided within the AVR interface that can read the text aloud.


The video that is created by AVR can be published on websites, blogs and social networks as widgets. Additionally, the video can be exported as an AVI file for uploading to video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Metacafe. Some advanced publishing options are also available to the users, such as outputting the video in SWF or flash formats (this is required to burn flash movies on DVDs).


  • Web-based software, requiring no software installation.
  • The output video consists of text, images, videos, and sounds.
  • Provides ten text-to-speech voices to read the article text.
  • In fully automatic mode the software can convert an article to a video in just one click.
  • Can automatically distribute the video to blogs, social sites and video sharing sites.


  • A trial of only 14 days is available to evaluate the program.
  • The videos made with AVR cannot be downloaded to a computer until the user account is upgraded from the trial.
  • AVR has had reported problems with Opera 10.


1.00 Article Video Robot v1.0

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