Articles of Capitulation of Montreal

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The Articles of Capitulation of Montreal were agreed upon between the Governor General of New France, Pierre François de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnal, and Major-General Jeffrey Amherst on behalf of the French and British crowns. They were signed on 8 September 1760 in the British camp before the city of Montreal.

There were 55 articles and most were granted by the British Army except those with reference to the Acadians. It contained a large array of demands with regards to the protection of the inhabitants of New France: the French, the Canadians, the Acadians, and the Sauvages (Indians). De Vaudreuil demanded that all be granted the rights and privileges of the other British subjects. The demands consisted an amnesty of Canadian militiamen who had fought for the French, the free exercise of the Roman Catholic faith, the continuation of the rights and privileges of the clergy and seigneurs and the guarantee of the rights enjoyed by the Native peoples under the French regime.

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