Artie P. Hatzes

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Artie P. Hatzes
Born (1957-05-24) May 24, 1957 (age 59)
Havre de Grace, Maryland
Nationality American
Fields Astronomy
Institutions Karl Schwarzschild Observatory
Alma mater California Institute of Technology
University of California at Santa Cruz
Known for Discovering numerous extrasolar planets

Artie P. Hatzes (born May 24, 1957) is an American astronomer. He is a professor at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and director of the Karl Schwarzschild Observatory (Thuringian State Observatory).

Hatzes is a pioneer in the search of extrasolar planets and is working on the COROT space mission. His achievements have included discovering the extrasolar planets Pollux b, Epsilon Eridani b and HD 13189 companion.

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