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Artifact (American English) or artefact (British English) may refer to:

Science and technology

  • Artifact (error), misleading or confusing alteration in data or observation, commonly in experimental science, resulting from flaws in technique or equipment
    • Compression artifact, a loss of clarity caused by the data compression of an image, audio, or video
    • Digital artifact, any undesired alteration in data introduced during its digital processing
    • Visual artifact, anomalies during visual representation of digital graphics and imagery
  • In the scrum software project management framework, documentation used for managing the project


  • Artifact (archaeology), an object formed by humans, particularly one of interest to archaeologists
  • Cultural artifact, in the social sciences, anything created by humans which gives information about the culture of its creator and users
  • The Artefact (journal), published annually by the Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria



Arts and media


Film and television






Other media


Other uses

  • Artifact Creek, a stream in British Columbia, Canada
  • Artifact Ridge, a mountain ridge in British Columbia, Canada
  • Artifacting, a technique used on some older computers to generate color in monochrome modes by exploiting artifacts of analog television systems
  • Learning artifact (education), an object created by students during the course of instruction
  • A relic, an object left behind by a prophet or other important religious figure

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