Artifakts (bc)

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Artifakts [bc]
Artifakts (bc).jpeg
Studio album by Plastikman
Released November 2, 1998
Recorded 1998, at The Building, Ontario, Canada
Genre Ambient, Minimalist music, IDM
Length 73:18
Label Minus and Novamute
Producer Richie Hawtin
Plastikman chronology
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Artifakts [bc]
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Artifakts [bc] is the fourth album by the Canadian electronic music artist Richie Hawtin as Plastikman. It is a compilation of material left from Musik's recording as well as an unfinished album called Klinik.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Korridor" – 5:49
  2. "Psyk" – 8:30
  3. "Pakard" – 12:13
  4. "Hypokondriak" – 10:34
  5. "Rekall" – 10:46
  6. "Skizofrenik" – 4:59
  7. "Are Friends Electrik?" - 12:50
  8. "Lodgikal Nonsense" – 2:19
    • While "Lodgikal Nonsense" is listed as track 8 on the sleeve, it is indexed on the CD as a part of track 7, separated from "Are Friends Electrik?" by approximately five minutes of silence. Total duration of track 7 is 20:26.

2 x LP vinyl[edit]

  1. "Pakard"
  2. "Skizofrenik"
  3. "Psyk"
  4. "Are Friends Electrik?"
  5. "Rekall"
  6. "Lodgikal Nonsense"


According to Richie Hawtin, Artifakts [bc] should be viewed as the third Plastikman album instead of the fourth, as he explains in the liner notes. After Musik he began to devise concepts for an album that would ultimately be called Klinik. When Richie Hawtin was exiled from the U.S. for performing illegally,[2] he scrapped the idea, and by the time he returned, he began working on the much more ambitious Consumed. As such, Artifakts [bc] was devised as a way to bridge the periods between Musik and Consumed. [bc] is an acronym for [b]efore [c]onsumed.[3]

The last track,"Lodgikal Nonsense", can be seen as a companion piece to "Logikal Nonsense", the last track on Dimension Intrusion.



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