Artificial (film)

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Directed by Vijay Vemuri
Produced by Vijaya Kumar Vemuri
Written by Vijay Vemuri
Starring Supriya Aysola
Abhinav Gomatam
Mahesh Kumar Kathi

Deepti Naidu
Shwetha Chowdary
Music by Satya Kashyap
Cinematography Shyam. T
Edited by Nagaraju
Release date
  • 27 April 2012 (2012-04-27)
Running time
22 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget $5000

Artificial is a 2012 Telugu short film that was produced and directed by Vijay Vemuri. The film had its world debut on 27 April 2012 and revolves around the fantasies of a young couple.


A beautiful young housewife (Supriya Aysola) finds herself bored with her daily life and routine. As a way of escape she comes up with various daydreams and fantasies to make herself and the people around her more exciting.



Vijay filmed the movie using a Canon 5D that he had rented due to having a budget of only 250,000.[1] He did not begin filming until four years after he had finished the movie's script, as it took him a while to find a cast and crew that he felt could help him make the movie.[1] Casting took almost two years to complete and Vijay eventually chose actress Supriya Aysola to perform in the film's lead role.[2] Of the film's inspiration, Vijay has stated that he was inspired from a late-night television show that dealt with "extreme psycho-sexual disorders".[3]


  • Platinum Reel Award for Best Short Film at the Nevada Film Festival (2012, won)[4][5]


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