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The biennial Artificial Evolution (AE) conference is held in France every two years (odd years), in early fall. The PPSN (Parallel Problem Solving from Nature) conference is held at the same period (early fall), but even years. EA is dedicated to techniques that simulate natural evolution.

Proceedings of AE are published by Springer-Verlag in their LNCS serie.

Artificial Evolution was originally initiated as a forum for the French-speaking evolutionary computation community, and the first conference, organized by Jean-Marc Alliot, Evelyne Lutton, Edmund Ronald and Marc Schoenauer, was held in Toulouse in 1994 under the name Evolution Artificielle. It is the only conference held an even year, and the only one with proceedings[1] not edited by Springer (they were edited by Cepadues[2]). It became an international conference the following year (1995) in Brest, under the name Artificial Evolution. It is still referred sometimes as Evolution Artificielle however.

List of AE conferences[edit]

  • EA-1994 took place in Toulouse
  • AE-1995 took place in Brest, LNCS 1063
  • AE-1997 took place in Nimes, LNCS 1363
  • AE-1999 took place in Dunkerque, LNCS 1829
  • AE-2001 took place in Le Creusot, LNCS 2310
  • AE-2003 took place in Marseilles, LNCS 2936
  • AE-2005 took place in Lille, LNCS 3871
  • AE-2007 took place in Tours, LNCS 4926
  • AE-2009 took place in Strasbourg, LNCS 5975
  • AE-2011 took place in Angers, LNCS 7401
  • AE-2013 took place in Bordeaux, LNCS 8752
  • AE-2015 took place in Lyon, LNCS 9554
  • AE-2017 took place in Paris, LNCS 10764


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