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The Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI) at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh is a non-profit technology transfer organisation that promotes the benefits of the application of Artificial Intelligence research to commercial, industrial, and government organisations worldwide.


AIAI was created in July 1983, and received its formal charter from the University of Edinburgh in July 1984. It joined the School of Informatics when the School was created from a number of departments and research institutes in 1998. The Director of AIAI is Austin Tate.


AIAI specialises in Intelligent and Knowledge-based systems, including:

  • Ontology development and knowledge engineering;
  • Case-based reasoning: a technique for utilising past experiences and existing corporate resources such as databases to guide diagnosis and fault finding;
  • Genetic algorithms: an adaptive search technique with very broad applicability in scheduling, optimization, and model adaptation;
  • Planning and workflow: the modelling, task setting, planning, execution, monitoring and coordination of activities;
  • Data mining: the identification and extraction of useful general patterns from data.

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