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The Shadow robot hand system

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society is a Robotics Society from Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad, India. The society formed in 2008, by some robotics enthusiast students learning the deeps and highs of robotics and Artificial Intelligence at then newly built Lab (since named the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society office). Er. Pranjal Verma, Er. Sanjeev Malik and Er. Abhinav (founders of Saprorobotics) formed this society with a group of about 10 members.[citation needed] Success in the various robotics events followed, resulting in Mr. Verma being promoted to the post of President of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society, Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad or in short (AIRS, KIET, Ghaziabad). However, AIRS's administrative structure was changed in 2009, with the passing out of Verma and others, who were one of the founder members. This was alongside . The highs of the inaugural season were created by organising various robotics events such as Line Follower etc. at Inter-College as well as Intra-College level. This led to the rising of the publicity and interest among the students and the number of members grew subsequently.

Administrative structure of 2012–13

  • President – Mr. Shubham Aggarwal
  • General Secretary – Ms.Shraddha Jain
  • Treasurer – Mr.Nitanshu Vishnoi
  • Technical Head – Mr.Manish Kumar
  • Organisational Head – Mr.Ashraf Rizvi


The techfest of Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology is organised by this society. In 2013 it was on 9 and 10 March. For details visit



  • Prof. Ravindra Gautam 2009–Till Date (Chairperson)
  • Prof. Sachin Sharma 2009–2012 (Chief Faculty Advisor)
  • Prof. A.P. Shukla 2009–Till Date (Faculty Advisor)
  • Prof. Prashant Sambharkar 2009–Till Date (Faculty Advisor)
  • Ankit Yadav 2009–Till Date (Apex Coordinator)
  • Abhishek Kumar 2009–Till Date (Apex Coordinator)
  • Amit Mishra 2009–Till Date (Apex Coordinator)
  • Amarjeet Kumar Gautam 2009–Till Date (Apex Coordinator)
  • Sudhanshu Sachan 2011–Till Date (Apex Coordinator)
  • Arnav Singh 2011–Till Date (Apex Coordinator)
  • Shubham Agrawal 2011–Till Date (Publicity Head)
  • Kunaal 2009–Till Date (Coordinator)
  • Mukul 2009–Till Date (Coordinator)
  • Nitanshu vishnoi 2009–till date(technical adviser and manager)
  • Shubham aggarwal 2009–till date(creative mastermind)

RoboSpardha '09[edit]

Various technical and cultural events have been organised on 14, 15, 21, 22 November 2009

  • RoboTricks - You are given some motors, wires, wheels and other robotics related stuff and you have to design a robot
  • RoboSense - You are given some word problems such as scrabble and you are to solve them in stipulated time.
  • Mind Checkers - Some puzzle are given, solve them in stipulated time.
  • Around The World - Are you a quiz maniac, you have to answer some questions related to geography.
  • RoboRace - Create your own bot and get racing, whoever reaches first wins!

Genesis '10[edit]

Various technical as well as cultural events have been organised on 11th and 12th of march, 2010

  • ONLINE EVENT - General quiz and puzzles
  • LINE FOLLOWER - Design and build an autonomous robot which follow a specified path
  • ROBORACE - Build and design a manual robots which works according to task
  • ROBOWAR - Design and build a robots which is better than others
  • FIX THE FOX - To find the fox who is hiding somewhere....
  • BLACK BOX - Think & solve the binary solution
  • OLYMPIAD - Compete with the brainers

RoboSpardha '11[edit]

Various intra-college technical events have been organised on 5th and 6 November 2011..

  • FAST-N-FURIOUS (ROBORACE) - Build and design a manual robot which races to win.
  • ROBO-SOCCER - Robots playing Soccer...
  • LINE LEGENDARY (Line-Follower) - Design and build an autonomous robot which follows a specified path
  • CLASH OF THE TITANS (ROBO-WARS) - Let the war of the machines begin
  • PAPER PRESENTATION - Got Ideas.., Lets share.
  • GOLD RUSH (ROBO-HURDLE RACE) - Does your bot have the maneuverability to win???

Genesis '12[edit]

Various technical as well as cultural events are being organised on 1st and 2nd of march, 2012

  • CLASH OF THE TITANS - Robots fighting to eliminate one another
  • CRANOBOT - A manual robot has to pick the box from the tower and place it in the safe zone.
  • HIGH HOPES - Water and Air propelled jets to compete in reaching the maximum distance
  • CIRCUIT DESIGNING - Put your electronic brains into practical circuits
  • POWER PLAN - Paper presentation on innovative ideas for energy saving
  • THE LINE LEGACY - The legacy line follower event
  • JAVA TECHQUIZ - Test your knowledge of Java in this quiz
  • BLIND RACE - Hurdles race for robots with a twist of having a blindfold operator
  • SOCCER BATTLE - Soccer for bots
  • CRYPTO - Decode the clues to find the answers
  • CODE WARRIOR - Quiz event
  • TREASURE ISLAND - Fun event for KIETians
  • IC ENGINE WORKSHOP - See the live explained demonstration of Assembly and De-assembly of 2-Stroke IC Engine

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