Artificial Paradises (film)

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Not to be confused with Artificial Paradise (film).
Artificial Paradises
Artificial Paradises Film Poster.jpg
Brazilian theatrical poster
Directed by Marcos Prado
Produced by José Padilha
Written by Pablo Padilla
Cristiano Gualda
Marcos Prado
Starring Nathalia Dill
Luca Bianchi
Lívia de Bueno
Music by Rodrigo Coelho
Cinematography Lula Carvalho
Edited by Quito Ribeiro
Zazen Produções
Distributed by Nossa Distribuidora (Brazil)
Release dates
  • 4 May 2012 (2012-05-04) (Brazil)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
Budget R$ 10,500,000[1]

Artificial Paradises (Portuguese: Paraísos Artificiais) is a 2012 Brazilian drama film directed by Marcos Prado and starring Nathalia Dill, Luca Bianchi and Lívia de Bueno.


Erika (Nathalia Dill) is a successful DJ and friend of Lara (Livia de Bueno). During a festival where Erika was working, they met Nando (Luca Bianchi) and, together, they live an intense moment. However, soon after the trio split up. Years after Erika and Nando are reunited in Amsterdam, where they fall in love. But just Erika remembers the real motive why they moved away shortly after they met, years before.[2]


  • Nathalia Dill as Érika
  • Luca Bianchi as Nando
  • Lívia de Bueno as Lara
  • Bernardo Melo Barreto as Patrick
  • César Cardadeiro as Lipe
  • Divana Brandão as Márcia
  • Emílio Orciollo Netto as Mouse
  • Roney Villela as Mark
  • Cadu Fávero as Anderson


The Artificial Paradises name was inspired by the title of the book of the same name by Baudelaire. "I read the book and thought the title fit perfectly in the film, although addressing another era, the mid-19th century, and the consumption of other drugs, wine, opium and hashish," admits Prado.[3]

Filming took place between 18 October and 25 November in Praia do Paiva, in Recife, and also in Rio de Janeiro, in the traditional Arpoador beach.[4] Some external scenes were filmed in Amsterdam.[3]


The original soundtrack of the film was produced by Rodrigo Coelho and Gustavo MM.[5]

  • Suppencaspa - Magnetrixx
  • Lemmink - Magnetrixx
  • Outhouse (Main Mix) - Nathan Fake
  • Ups & Downs - Perfect Stranger (artist) Re Edit - Eitan Reiter
  • Second Brain - Kaki King
  • Brazil - Deadmau5
  • Burn Girl Prom Queen - Mogwai
  • No Rush - Frogacult
  • Ponta Pé - Renato Cohen
  • Coco - Pedra Branca
  • Metamusica - Pedra Branca
  • True Story - Flow & Zeo
  • I Use to Say - Flow & Zeo
  • Paraísos Artificiais - Gui Boratto


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