Artillery Mountains

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Artillery Mountains
Alamo Lake and Artillery Peak.jpg
Artillery Peak above Alamo Lake State Park
Highest point
Peak Artillery Peak-(volcanic plug)
Elevation 1,200 ft (370 m)
Length 12 mi (19 km) NW x E
Width 5 mi (8.0 km)
Country United States
State Arizona
Borders on Big Sandy RiverArrastra Mountain Wilderness-N & E
Alamo Lake State Park-S
Rawhide Mountains & Wilderness-SW

The Artillery Mountains are a mountain range in Mohave County in western Arizona. High point of the range is Artillery Peak, 2,917 feet (889 meters) above sea level. Artillery Peak is at coordinates N 34.36946 W 113.58160 .

Mineral resources of the Artillery Mountains include manganese, uranium and gold. Rocher Deboule Minerals drilled their Artillery Mountains Manganese property in 2008, and discovered a resource of 2,553,000 tonnes of 3.82% Mn.[1]

High Desert Gold acquired the Artillery Peak gold project in western Arizona in 2008. The company believes the site has the potential to "develop into a bulk mineable target".[2]

At Uranium Energy's Artillery Peak uranium project, the firm hopes to discover a uranium deposit similar to the nearby Anderson Mine, which has a published reserve of 27 million pounds of uranium, in addition to a uranium resource of 70 million pounds, and another 80 million pounds of vanadium.[3]


Coordinates: 34°22′04″N 113°36′04″W / 34.3677961°N 113.6010425°W / 34.3677961; -113.6010425