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Developer(s) Esko
Stable release
14.1.2 / 1 December 2015; 17 months ago (2015-12-01)[1]
Operating system Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate;
Windows 8 Pro, Enterprise;
Windows 8.1 Pro, Enterprise;
Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise;
Windows Server 2012 Standard, Datacenter;
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Datacenter
License proprietary

ArtiosCAD is a software program dedicated to the design of folded packaging, mainly corrugated boxes and folding carton. It is used by box designers, box sample makers, die makers. ArtiosCAD is designed in Ludlow, Massachusetts in a subsidiary of Esko, with headquarters in Gent, Belgium. Worldwide there are about 10,000 copies of ArtiosCAD in professional use. Operating ArtiosCAD is typically a full-time job.[2]

ArtiosCAD formats[edit]

ArtiosCAD uses .ARD as its main native format. A .ARD typically represents one box. It contains a flat representation of the sheet with its cutlines, crease lines and many other production representations. Other native formats:

  • .A3D: pre-defined 3D representations of packaging, potentially containing assemblies and other combinations of boxes and their contents in 3D
  • .MFG: represents manufacturing information. ARD designs are first stepped/repeated for economical production. This creates a basic representation of the cutting master(s). This is then further designed to contain helping aids for production such as:
    • Bridges and nicks
    • Rubber
    • Blanking

ArtiosCAD imports[edit]

ArtiosCAD imports:

ArtiosCAD exports[edit]

  • Cutting table formats
  • PDF both 2D and 3D
  • PDF with embedded U3D for interactive use.
  • All popular 2D CAD formats
  • COLLADA for 3D representations with CAD and graphics combined


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