KUD Mladost Nova Pazova

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KUD Mladost Nova Pazova
ZNAK KUD-a - belo podloga.jpg
Artistic Society Mladost Nova Pazova - Logo
Formation 1953
Headquarters Nova Pazova

KUD Mladost Nova Pazova (Artistic Society Mladost Nova Pazova) is a Serbian cultural organisation established in 1953. Successfully operate in the gathering of young, developing tendency for the dance, song, music, plays, poetry, artistic creation, and above all the affirmation of cultural values of the Serbian people and other people who live in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. KUD Mladost NP is a member of the CIOFF Serbia Association since 2003.


  • Small art workshop
  • Drama club
  • Folklore Section
  • Women's singing group
  • Folk dance Orchestra


National Folklore Ensemble and Orchestra traveled to:

  1. Poland
  2. Ukraine
  3. Slovakia
  4. Hungary
  5. Romania
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Macedonia
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian Republic)
  9. Slovenia
  10. Italy, Sicily
  11. Brazil
  • Women's singing group traveled to:
  1. Slovakia
  2. Hungary
  3. Romania
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian Republic)
  • Small art workshop traveled to Bitola (Macedonia).

The program of folk dance ensembles[edit]

  • Performing folk dance ensemble:
Serial number Choreography Choreographer Musical Arrangement Photo Choreography description Music or Video
1. The dances from Srem

Dance duration 7 minute

Vladimir Spasojević Saša Mazinjanin Srem.jpg String of dances and songs from Srem. showing the authentic costume from Srem, a large number of cheerful songs and dances from that area. YouTube
2. Bunjevke dance

Dance duration 6 minute

Branko Marković Dušan Šaponja Bunjevacke igre.jpg Typical and popular dance from northern Vojvodina. Various folk dance-steps and typical music from the area. Weather-bells on dancers’ boots. Original and colourful costumes. YouTube
3. Vlach dances

Dance duration 6 minute

Milan Vujinović Velja Cvetković Vlaske igre 2003..JPG Quick and temperament dance from the east Serbia. Show characteristic way of dancing in thet area. YouTube
4. Shumadija dances

Dance duration 6 minute

Branko Marković Dušan Šaponja Sumadija.jpg A medley of dances from the central part of Serbia. Jolly dances with small steps and floral costumes, typical for this region.
5. Shopsko trojno

Dance duration 2 minute

Branko Marković Dušan Šaponja Sopsko trojno.jpg A dynamic dance of three boys, as a representation of the happy spirit of southeast Serbia.
6. The dances from south-eastern Serbia – Bugarka

Dance duration 7 minute

Vladimir Spasojević Saša Mazinjanin Bugarka.jpg Temperament dances southeastern Serbia. Rally guys and girls who shows strength and endurance.
7. The dances from Eastern Serbia - Timok

Dance duration 8 minute

Dobrivoje Putnik Borivoje Ilić Igre iz Timocke krajine.jpg The dance comes from eastern Serbia. Shows the richness of costumes and music and history of the Serbian people. The leading guy fighting for the freedom of the people.
8. Bulgarian dances

Dance duration 8 minute

Dragomir Vuković Petar Josimović Vesele Sopske igre.jpg
9. The dances from Leskovac

Dance duration 8 minute

Vladimir Spasojević Saša Mazinjanin Igre iz okoline Leskovca.jpg
10. The dances from Vranjsko Polje

Dance duration 8 minute

Slaviša Đukić Saša Mazinjanin Igre iz Vranjskog polja.jpg YouTube
11. 'Lindio dance - a quick dance from Herzegovina

Dance duration 5 minute'

Branko Marković Dušan Šaponja Lindjo.jpg The geographical origin of the western Hercegovina. Mediterranean music and costumes show the mentality of the population, identified cheerful temperament. Crier as a function of the game, the witty way of issuing commands to other players, followed by a single instrument (Ljericom). YouTube
12. The silent wheel - dance from Glamoch

Dance duration 6 minute

Drago Kecman /
13. Vranje suite

Dance duration 8 minute

Branko Marković Dragoljub Šarković Vranjanska Svita.jpg YouTube


  • Page KUD Mladost Nova Pazova on Facebook ((sr))
  • Page KUD Mladost Nova Pazova on YouTube (Video)
  • Page KUD Mladost Nova Pazova on Dailymotion (Video)
  • CIOFF (international folklore organizations in UNESCO)