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Artists Recording Collective
Parent companyArtists Recording Collective
Founded2007 (2007)
FounderChris Burnett
Erica Lindsay
Sumi Tonooka
Distributor(s)CD Baby
Country of originU.S.

Artists Recording Collective (ARC) is an independent music label. Using the Internet and related technologies, it provides an alternative to the traditional recording and promotion business models.

ARC was founded on December 7, 2007 by Chris Burnett, Erica Lindsay, and Sumi Tonooka, all of whom are active professional musicians, producers and educators who were motivated by the need for a professional platform for their projects. In early 2008 ARC released its first CD, Long Ago Today by jazz pianist Sumi Tonooka, with drummer Bob Braye, and bassist Rufus Reid to critical acclaim[1] and national radio chart success.[2]

Business model[edit]

ARC is configured so that artists retain control of all aspects of their business as professional musicians. Another goal is to validate the contention that superior talent will thrive by finding its own audience when given the opportunity outside of traditional corporate filters. It puts much of the control in the hands of the listener and buyer.

The initial business model was based on the experiences of co-founder, Chris Burnett, who had been successfully promoting his own music on the Internet since the middle 1990s, first via various MIDI music networks and usegroups, then at from 1999-2003.


Artists Recording Collective has become an internationally recognized brand and notable recording label[3][4][5][6][7] that emphasizes promoting and distributing the work of ARC members. It is now widely recognized as among the first model of its kind for the purpose of promoting artistic works through both the Internet and traditional media resources.[8][9]


Artists Recording Collective was featured in the March 2009 issue of Down Beat. Other articles and reviews in major print publications include: JazzTimes (US), JazzWise (UK), JAZZ PODIUM (DE), All About Jazz-New York (US), Jazz Improv NY(US). Feature articles and reviews at leading music portals and digital publications include: All About Jazz, JazzReview, All Your Jazz, eJazz News, LA Jazz,, and many others. [10]

Member artists and labels[edit]

Co-founding members:

Some current and past member artists and labels:


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