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Artix Linux
The logo for Artix Linux, containing a blue arrow on the left and the word "Artix" in lowercase, also blue on the right.
DeveloperAldum, Alois Nespor, Muhammad Herdiansyah, Nadir Boussoukaia, Peter Maloney, Rafli Akmal[1]
Written inC
OS familyUnix-like
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen-source
Latest release20190826 / August 26, 2019; 32 days ago (2019-08-26)
Package managerpacman
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)
Default user interfaceLXQt

Artix Linux, or Artix is a rolling-release distribution, based on Arch Linux.

It is a non-systemd Linux distro, OpenRC and Runit are officially supported for init.

Artix Linux has its own repos but most packages without systemd dependencies from Arch Linux repos and the Arch User Repository (AUR) can also be used.

Arch OpenRC[2] began in 2012[3] and Manjaro OpenRC was subsequently developed alongside it. In 2017[4] these projects merged to create Artix Linux.


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