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Artkore is a collaborated album of Austrian rapper Nazar and Raf Camora. It was published in 2010 through D-Bos Plattenlabel and Wolfpack Entertainment record labels.

Track list[edit]

# Title Translation
1 Ouverture
2 Wo du nicht bist Where you're not
3 Killabizzz
4 Angst Fear
5 Unsterblich Immortal
6 Frequenz Frequency
7 3 Generäle 3 Generals
8 Terminator Sound
9 Immer Mehr More and more
10 Artkore
11 Wild Wild West
12 4 Sterne Deluxe 4 Star Deluxe
13 Zeitgeist
14 Hör mal wer da hämmert Listen Improvement
15 Wer wir sind Who we are
16 Reich & Schön


On the album are a total of 10 producers. Most beats are works of Raf Camora. Some were made by Beatlefield, so Chakuza & DJ Stickle. Another notable is Beatzarre producer who has done this for Bushido and Fler beats.


On the cover are Raf Camora left and Nazar right depicted as cartoon characters. However, they have no pupils, and screaming at each other apparently. The cover is very similar to a Marvel Comics cover.