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Arts Collaboratory
Founded 2007
Founder Hivos, DOEN Foundation in collaboration with Mondriaan Foundation
Focus Visual arts and social innovation
Method Grants, funding, artistic exchanges
Mission To support independent visual arts organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Arts Collaboratory is a program promoted by Hivos and DOEN Foundation to support independent visual arts organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America and social innovation. The program is having a major role in providing fundings for contemporary art and practices in countries where few resources in this field are available.[1]


The program was established in 2007 by the Dutch organizations Hivos and DOEN Foundation and it is implemented in collaboration with Mondriaan Foundation.


The program provides funding and it supports knowledge sharing and artistic exchange. The fundings are

  • Long term support for independent visual arts organizations focusing on collaborative art practices and social innovation. The supports addresses independent visual organizations based in Africa, Asia and Latin America and it is provided for a 28 month-programme.
  • Project Fund for ‘Visual Arts and Social Innovation’ (up to 15'000 euro per project).

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