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Artspace Projects, Inc is a national nonprofit organization with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington DC in the United States specializing in creative placemaking. The organization's goal is to serve as a catalyst for community transformation by providing affordable live/work space to artists and arts organizations. Artspace has developed more than 33 projects around the country.

Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art, and Artspace Headquarters


Artspace programs fall in three broad categories: property development, asset management and national consulting.

Property development[edit]

Development projects, which typically involve the adaptive reuse of older buildings but can also involve new construction, are the most visible of Artspace’s activities.

Asset management[edit]

Artspace owns or co-owns all the buildings it develops. Revenues in excess of expenses are set aside for preventive maintenance, commons area improvements, and building upgrades.

Consulting services[edit]

In addition to its roles as developer, owner, and manager, Artspace acts as a consultant to communities, organizations, and individuals seeking information and advice about developing affordable housing and work space for artists, performing arts centers, and cultural districts, often within the context of historic preservation.


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