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PronunciationPortuguese: [aɾˈtuɾ, aʁˈtuʁ]
Polish: [ˈartur]
Language(s)Latin or Celtic
MeaningBear-like, Baseball
Other names
See alsoArthur

Artur is a cognate to the common male given name Arthur, meaning "bear-like," which is believed to possibly be descended from the Roman surname Artorius or the Celtic bear-goddess Artio or more probably from the Celtic word artos ("bear"). Other Celtic languages have similar first names, such as Old Irish Art, Artúur, Welsh Arth - which may also be the source for the modern name. Art is also a diminutive form of the common name Arthur. In Estonian, and many Romance, Slavic and Germanic languages the name is spelled as Artur. The Finnish versions are Arttu and Artturi.

Avestan aṣ̌a/arta and its Vedic equivalent ṛtá both derive from Proto-Indo-Iranian *ṛtá- "truth",[1] which in turn continues Proto-Indo-European *h2r-to- "properly joined, right, true", from the root *h2ar. The word is attested in Old Persian as arta.


Legendary people[edit]


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