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Artur Balder
Artur Balder Directs.jpg
Artur Balder at the set of Little Spain
Born Artur Balder
Alicante, Spain
Residence Meatpacking District, Lower Manhattan
Nationality United States
Ethnicity Spanish, German, Jewish
Citizenship United States
Occupation Writer
Years active 1998–present

Artur Balder (born August 14, 1974) is a Spanish American[1] [2] [3] filmmaker and writer.[4] He is a recipient of the New York Latin ACE Awards.[5]


Artur Balder was born in Alicante in 1974. He moved in the early 90s to Valencia to undertake studies of history, German philology and journalism, while continuing musical training in the conservatory of the city and collaborating as editor in some newspapers and journals. He began to study at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Valencia, left unfinished. Participated in various art exhibitions in Valencia. In September 2004 he published his first literary work,The Monarch Stone, a children fantasy novel set in the early Middle Ages. Rights were acquired by Random House,[6] and the novel was published again by Random House Penguin Group in 2011.[7] Additionally Random House published the series Curdy, three books for young adults.[8]

In 2008 he emigrated to the United States, settling in the city of New York.[9]


Artur Balder is the author of several children books, published and internationally distributed by Random House[10] in Spain and South America. His historical fiction sagas, published by Edhasa,[11] are inspired by Germanic heroes like Arminius in the times of ancient Rome, or the saxon duke Widukind, who led a rebellion during early Middle Ages[12] against emperor Charlemagne. His books are translated into several languages.[13] Among others: Dutch,[14] Italian,[15] French,[16] Romanian,[17]Polish,[18] Catalonian,[19] English,[20] Chinese.[21]


Saga of Teutoburg[edit]

His best known literary work is the series Saga of Teutoburg of Roman Military fiction. Story is set in the territories of the Roman Empire at the boundaries of Germania Magna, covering the Roman conquest of Germania and the subsequent prolonged campaign undertaken by the Julio-Claudian dynasty. To date there are four books in the series. It is the longest and most extensive fictional work about the Germanic hero Arminius the Cheruscan. The work centers its attention in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest and its consequences. [22] All four episodes of the Saga of Teutoburg were distinguished as lifetime sacred text of Ásatrú religion[23] by Odinist Community of Spain — Ásatrú, Spain, 2014.[24][25]

Saga of Widukind[edit]

The series Chronicles of Widukind is focused on the Saxon rebel Widukind and his fight against Charlemagne, whose first title, The Codex of the Sword, was published in 2010. The second volume, The lords of Earth, was released in 2012 and the third volume The Spear of Destiny was released in May 2013. He is also a filmmaker and director of the film about Little Spain.[9][26]

Little Spain[edit]

In 2010 he wrote and directed the documentary about Little Spain.[27] Balder lived at the building of the Spanish Benevolent Society, known as La Nacional, for more than one year as resident artist.[27] During this time and thanks to La Nacional's collaboration, he compiled archives on 14th Street that could show for first time the evolution of the streets of Little Spain[28] in Manhattan since its origins.[29] The documentary reveals the little known history of the Spanish American presence in the New York City borough of Manhattan, and its community around 14th Street, known as Little Spain.[30] The archive contains a great number of old photographs and other documents that have never been publicly displayed, many of them part of La Nacional's archives.[31] They present the history of the streets of Little Spain in New York City throughout the 20th Century.[32][33][34][35][36][37]

Critical reception[edit]

The film was released in November 2014[38] and additionally received several reviews in the American entertainment media, where film critic Rafael Bernal wrote that the film is “a valuable addition to New York's immigration history”, “bringing with it the expected color and excitement of immigration, along with a few advantages over other American Dream documentaries”, adding ultimately: “Balder successfully illustrates the moods, flavors and excitement of recreating a far-away home”, with a “magnifying-glass perspective that serves to build an original story arc.[39] In the Spanish media, former US correspondent José María Carrascal wrote about the film that it was "the best Christmas present he could imagine".[40] Film critic Fernando Campos wrote in New York that the director “won the Latin ACE Award for Best Documentary Film because of his magnificent and revealing “Little Spain”.'[41]

American critic Donald Kuspit wrote at The Huffington Post: Balder's documentary is a work of art, moving subtly between different situations and individuals, showing their relationship with formal acumen as well as empirical accuracy. 'Little Spain' is a kind of masterpiece, in that it masters its subject matter even as it shows Balder's mastery of his medium. [42]

The film, that is dedicated to Federico García Lorca[43] and includes lines from his work Poet in New York, was awarded Best Documentary Film in the competition category by the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York.[44]

Art documentaries[edit]

In May 2013 the film directed by Balder "Ciria pronounced thiria" was premiered at the MoMA[45] in New York City, a documentary film about contemporary art sponsored by Spanish company Telefónica.[46][47] The film was premiered by the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin in November 2013.[48] [49]

In 2015 a second collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art took place with the premiere of a documentary about Spanish artist Joan Castejón.[50][51]


  • International Prize for Contemporary Art of Mainz, Germany[52] (2001).
  • The Spanish-American International Award, New York, USA[9]

[53] [54] [55] (2012).

  • Total Art work Prize 2013 from the Spanish Wagner Society to the Saga of Teutoburg.[56]
  • Bicentenary Richard Wagner Prize 2013 from the Spanish Wagner Society.[57]

Literary works[edit]

Saga of Teutoburg[edit]

The saga has won the Total Art Work Prize 2013 from the Sapanish Wagner Society. [60]

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Saga of Widukind[edit]

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Curdy series[edit]

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Short films[edit]

  • Muerte Express[67] (2003)
  • Limit[68] (2004)
  • Widukind[69] (2009)

Documentary Films[edit]

  • Ciria pronounced thiria[70] (2013)
  • Little Spain[71] (2014)
  • The reality of the imaginary[72] (2015)

Film awards and nominations[edit]

Year Nominated work Award Result
2014 Little Spain Best Documentary Film by the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics Won[73]
2015 Little Spain Best Documentary Film by Golden Door Film Festival Nominated[74]
2015 Little Spain Best Documentary Film by Gijón International Film Festival Nominated[75]
2015 Reality of the imaginary Best Documentary Film by Golden Door Film Festival Nominated[76]

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