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Artur Janibekyan
Artur Janibekyan 2017.jpg
OccupationProducer, member of the Russian Television Academy
Spouse(s)Elina Janibekyan
Parent(s)Otari Akopyan
Ella Akopyan

Artur Janibekyan (Armenian: Արթուր Օթարիի Ջանիբեկյան, Russian: Артур Отариевич Джанибекян) is the founder of Comedy Club Production.

Professional career[edit]

From 1993 to 1996, Janibekyan was an advertiser, administrator, project coordinator, and film set director at the Sharm company. Since 1994, he has been one of the founders and directors of the New Armenians KVN team who won the 1997 Top KVN League Championship. From 2000 to 2005, he was the producer for the New Armenian Radio program Russian Radio and the producer of Good Evening with Igor Ugolnikov on STS froom 2001 to 2002.

Comedy Club[edit]

In 2003, he created the comedy show Comedy Club with his comedy sketch friends.[1] Comedy Club introduced Russian viewers to comedy. Since 2005 Comedy Club has aired on TNT (a Russian TV channel). In 2006, Comedy Club entered the top 10 of the most commercially successful Russian projects (a ninth place with 3.5 million dollars[2][3]) according to Forbes magazine.
In 2007, he founded the multi-functional producer center Comedy Club Production, where he serves as CEO and general producer till nowadays. This year GQ magazine (Russia) named Artur Person of the Year in the 'Producer of the Year' category.

In 2008 he launched the 24-hour humor channel Comedy TV.[4]

In November 2009 he opened a chain of restaurants under the name Comedy Café.[5]

He founded 7 Art, the company that produced the popular sitcoms UNI and the TV series The Interns. 7 Art later became a part of Comedy Club Production.[6]

In 2011, the controlling stake in Comedy Club Production was sold to TNT, a popular TV channel in Russia. The stake amounted to 250 million dollars,[7] and was a record sale for the Russian TV.

In 2012 he received the “Media-Manager of Russia 2012” award for "outstanding achievements in creating brands and TV programs, as well as for the largest business deal in the history of Russian television and content production."[citation needed]

In 2013, Comedy Club Production took second place in the list of the largest companies producing content for major federal Russian TV channels according to Forbes Magazine.[8]

Gazprom-Media holding[edit]

In March 2015, Janibekyan took charge of the entertainment television group, which included four terrestrial TV channels: TNT, TV-3, Friday! and 2х2.[9][10] Janibekyan became one of the top 5 best managers in the country's media industry in the annual rating, "TOP-1000 Russian Managers" published in Kommersant.[11] In November, the TV-3 TV channel was relaunched under Artur Janibekyan's management. On January 1, 2016, the new TV channel was launched: TNT-4.

In June 2016, Artur Janibekyan became the General Director of TNT. On July 7, Janibekyan won the "Media-Manager of Russia 2016" award.

In January 2017, the TNT-4 channel became the first federal TV channel to expand its broadcasting reach beyond the country's borders within a year. In May 2017, the Friday! TV channel was launched internationally. The international TV channel versions were created for the Russian speakers living abroad and the Russian and Russian-speaking tourists around the world.

On July 6, 2017, Janibekyan was awarded the title of "Media Manager of Russia" for the third consecutive year. The award was received for "development and effective management, for outstanding achievements in creating entertaining and humorous content".[12]

Janibekyan's TNT team developed and launched the broadcasting of premium TV series that increased the audience share of the TV channel, enabled collecting more precise nation-wide audience coverage data, and fought piracy. From September 2017, TNT transitioned to premiere broadcasts on workdays (Moscow time) with posting content online immediately after the TV broadcast.

In October 2017, TNT became the first TV channel in Russia to sell advertising under the Big TV Rating system. which allows advertisers to simultaneously place ads in TV broadcasts and the channel's online platforms. ТNТ became the first channel to disclose its viewership data to the entire market.[13] At the end of 2017, TNT changed its broadcasting line-up from foreign to local content: Russian comedy series and its own shows. This provided additional support for production companies within the holding and raised long-term investments due to copyright ownership and broadcasting own programs on different media and with an unrestricted number of runs.

In January 2018, the Super TV channel was launched under Janibekyan's management. On July 5, Janibekyan was awarded the Grand Prix award at the 18th Media Manager of Russia National Award Ceremony.

From 2016 to 2018, projects of TNT, Friday! and TV-3 channels altogether received 19 awards at TEFI in 2016, 2017, 2018 in the Daytime Broadcast and Evening Primetime categories.[14]

Gogol. The Beginning (the mini-series)[edit]

In 2017, Artur Janibekyan parterned with Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeniy Nikishov became a producer of the Gogol. The Beginning project – the first mini-series in the world to be widely released in theaters.[15] The mini-series broke even on the day of its premiere and set several box-office records. The production was ranked in the top 10 ten movie theatre releases in 2017. In addition to Russia and the CIS, Gogol. The Beginning was released to the United States, UK, Germany, Spain, Austria and Cyprus. Gogol's promotional campaign received several professional awards and diplomas and aroused interest in the professional community during its presentation in Cannes at MIPCOM.

House arrest (the series)[edit]

In 2018, Janibekyan collaborated with Semyon Slepakov and Alexander Dulerain to produce the series House arrest, which was considered the "best series of 2018".[16] House arrest took first place in the top 5 Russian television series,[17] and became an eight-time winner of the VII APKIT Prize.[18] The series was awarded a special prize of the 32nd film awards "Nika" "for creative achievements in the art of television cinema".[19] House arrest”also won the ninth international television Festival "TEFI-Commonwealth" awards.[20]

Personal initiatives and public activity[edit]

“Renaissance” cultural and intellectual foundation[edit]

Janibekyan helped found the "Renaissance" cultural and intellectual foundation in 2013. It works on preserving, developing and sharing Armenian cultural and intellectual heritage.[21] Its goal is to make the treasures of Armenian culture available to Armenians and others. Modern technologies and new solutions are used to complete the foundation's projects. The foundation has executed many projects, such as the sculptures "The Life of Eternity" and "Men";[22] the monument to Grigor Narekatsi in the Vatican;[23][24][25][26] contributing to the development the Armenian Wikipedia, the Armenian National Musical Treasury, the Armenian translation of "Khan Academy, the Renaissance of Narekatsi, the Armenian Public Radio’s “Golden Fund”,[27][28] and the Saroyan House;[29][30][31][32][33][34] and supporting the “HIGH FEST” international performing arts festival. The fund also reprinted a number of valuable books, some of which were acquired and deposited at Matenadaran.


Janibekyan co-owns JAZZVE, a chain of coffee shops in Armenia and Russia.

He holds workshops for students of the Skolkovo MBA program; he is also a member of the Snob discussion club.

He founded and sponsored the Ayb Education Foundation, an Armenian educational center comprised of a school, a church, a community center, and a kindergarten that combines Armenian education with state-of-the-art educational technologies. He also holds educational masterclasses.[35]

In 2013 he lectured on "Trends in Russian Media" for students at Columbia University.

He produced and sponsored "The Book" (2013), a documentary film directed by V. Mansky.[36][37] In 2014 the film was shown during the official program of the documentary film "Free Thought" at the 36th Moscow International Film Festival.

He supports of Gregory of Narek's ideas and organizes and sponsors all events and activities associated with Narek's name and work in Armenia.

For his devotion to spiritual values and holy grounds in 2013 he was awarded the highest honor of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Order of St. Gregory the Illuminator.

In 2016 Janibekyan was awarded the first-class medal for "Merit for the Motherland" in Armenia. His name is immortalized in a bas-relief in the Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the city of Moscow.

In 2016 an open letter "The Future of the Armenian Nation is Decided Now" was published in The New York Times and Hayastani Hanrapetutyun on the initiative of the IDeA Fund, which was timed to the 110th anniversary of the All-Armenian Charitable Union (AGBU).[38] The letter called on individuals, organizations, state and public institutions of Armenia to rethink the future and to join together to improve the Armenian people's lifestyle. The letter was signed by Ruben Vardanyan, Noubar Afeyan, Vartan Gregorian, Charles Aznavour, Lord Ara Darzi, Samvel Karapetyan, Janibekyan, and others.

In 2016 Janibekyan co-founded the largest regional startup forum "Sevan Startup Summit" in Armenia. In 2018, the project entered the international arena and was held in the UAE and India under the name "Seaside Startup Summit".[39] In 2019, he co-founded the Seaside Startup Holdings Investment Fund.

In January 2017 Janibekyan presented some relics of St. Gregory the Illuminator to the Cathedral



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  • Nasha Russia (2006, TNT)
  • Celebrities against Karaoke (2006, TNT)
  • Beshenl Geographic (2007, TNT)
  • No-Rules Laughing (2007, TNT)
  • The Smash League (2007, TNT)
  • The Smash Night (2008, TNT)
  • Comedy Woman (2008, TNT)
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  • Show News (2008, TNT)
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  • The Interns (2010, TNT)
  • Univer. New Dorm (2011, TNT)
  • Comedy Club in Jūrmala (2013, 2014, TNT)
  • SashaTanya (2013, TNT)
  • KhB (2013, TNT)
  • Nezlob (2013, TNT)
  • Stand Up (2013, TNT)
  • No sleep! (2014, TNT)
  • What a morning! (2014, TNT)
  • Danc-off (2014, TNT)
  • Once upon a time in Russia (2014, TNT)
  • Adulteries (2015, TNT)
  • Show of improvisations (2015, TNT)
  • Where's the logic? (2015, TNT)
  • Hot and bothered (2015, TNT)
  • Borodach. To understand and forgive (2016, TNT)
  • Open microphone (2017, ТНТ)
  • Love is... (2017, TNT)
  • Soyuz Studio (2017, TNT)
  • Money or infamy (2017, TNT4)
  • Songs (2018)
  • Big Breakfast (2018)
  • Comedian in the City (2018)
  • Marry Buzova (2018)
  • Prozharka (2018)
  • Home Arrest (2018)
  • Year of Culture (2018)
  • Beetles (2019)
  • Plan B (2019)
  • The Triad (2019)


Family and personal life[edit]

Janibekyan was born to father Otari Akopyan, who was a top-level political party member during the Soviet regime and mother Ella Akopyan, a dentist. He has a sister, Lilit Akopyan. He is married to Elina Janibekyan. They have three children: two sons, Narek and Aram; and one daughter, Eva.


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