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Arturo Alcaraz (March 21, 1916 – March 10, 2001[1]) was a Filipino volcanologist and a Thomasian 'Awardee' for government service.[2]

Early life[edit]

He was born Arturo Pineda Alcaraz to Conrado Alcaraz and Paz Pineda in Manila, Philippines. He was a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering from the Mapua Institute of Technology

Professional life[edit]

Arturo Alcaraz started his professional career as an aide in the geology division of the Bureau of Mines. He then applied for a government scholarship which eventually qualified him to study in the United States when the Philippines was still a commonwealth under U.S. sovereignty. He entered the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a Master of Science degree in Geology. When he returned to the Philippines, he rejoined the bureau and was hired as assistant geologist to Busuanga Island, the northernmost islet off Palawan. In May 1942, he became Chief Geophysicist of the Philippine Weather Bureau.

When Alcaraz temporarily left his government job during the liberation of Manila in 1945, he volunteered for a few months as a civilian engineer for the United States Army. After that, he returned to the Weather Bureau and remained as chief of the Geophysical Division. In 1947, he had his first close-range experience of volcanic eruption when Mayon Volcano in the Bicol region of southern Luzon erupted. In 1948, he received a grant from the United States Government to study microseismology at Opalocka Naval Air Station in Florida.

In 1951, the Commission on Volcanology (ComVol) was officially created under the National Research Council and appointed Alcaraz as Chief Volcanologist which he held until 1974.

In 1955, Alcaraz received a Guggenheim Fellowship award[3] and took two semesters of study at the University of California at Berkeley from which he received a Certificate in Volcanology.

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