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Arturo Castiglioni, c. 1900

Arturo Castiglioni (10 April 1874, Trieste – 21 January 1953, Milano) was an Italian-born American medical historian and university professor.


Castiglioni grew up in Trieste, Italy. In 1939, he emigrated to the States and became a professor at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. His brother was Camillo Castiglioni, an Italian-Austrian banker. Castiglioni was a member of the International Society for the History of Medicine.[1]

Literary works[edit]

  • Il volto di Ippocrate, 1925
  • Storia della medicina, 1927
  • Italian medicine, 1932
  • The history of tuberculosis, 1933
  • The renaissance of medicine in Italy, 1934
  • Incantesimo e magia, 1934
  • L'orto della sanita, 1935


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  • Kunstler, M (1944). "A Tribute to Dr. Arturo Castiglioni on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday". Canadian Medical Association Journal. 50 (4): 371–372. PMC 1581633.