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Arturo L. Goetz (24 June 1944 – 28 July 2014) was an Argentine film actor.[1]

He worked in the cinema of Argentina.[2]

He studied for a D.Phil. in Economics at Jesus College, Oxford from 1971 to 1974, and published his findings on Argentine industrialization in 1976.[3] Whilst at Jesus College, he played football for the college team and polo for the university team. After leaving Oxford, he worked as an economist at the United Nations in Geneva, and then at the Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome, where he worked on food security and South-South cooperation.[4] He returned to Argentina in 1982 and established a treaty for South-South cooperation on food security for Latin America (Comite de Acción sobre Seguridad Alimentaria Regional, CASAR)[5] as well as the non-profit Fundación CREAR, promoting development projects in Argentina.[6] He took formal acting lessons after turning 50, having previously acted as an amateur.[7]



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