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artwiz fonts refers to a set of fonts originally created by Youngjin Hahn, an artist who was involved in the Free Software community and went by the alias "artwiz".[1][2]

Described as "very small futuristic ASCII fonts for X",[3] they are bitmap fonts, with varying styles of typefaces designed at a single pixel size.

The fonts were incorporated as screen fonts in themes for the Blackbox and Fluxbox window managers.


This is the list of fonts originally released:

  • Anorexia (9x11 variable width)
  • Aqui (12x13 variable width)
  • Cure (6x10 fixed width)
  • Drift (6x11 fixed width)
  • Edges (5x10 fixed width)
  • Gelly (9x10 variable width)
  • Glisp-bold (10x11 variable width)
  • Glisp (9x11 variable width)
  • Kates (7x14 fixed width)
  • Lime (5x10 fixed width)
  • Mints-mild (9x9 variable width)
  • Mints-strong (9x9 variable width)
  • Nu (7x9 variable width)
  • Smoothansi (6x13 fixed width)
  • Snap (9x10 variable width)

Continued use[edit]

The minimalist nature of the fonts makes them popular with users of lightweight window managers[citation needed]. Alec Zapka has updated the fonts to be compatible with modern software and support an extended character set.


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