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Pronunciation [ɐrˈtʲɵm]
Gender Masculine
Language(s) Slavic name derivation from Greek Αρτέμιος.
Meaning "dedicated to Artemis"
Other names
Alternative spelling Artem

Artyom (Russian: Артём) is a male given name common in Russia and other Slavic-speaking countries. The name uses the "ё" letter, which can be transcribed to English as "e" but still has the "yo" sound. Furthering confusion there is another name Artem (Ukrainian: Артем), whose only spelling in English is "Artem", and is pronounced with the "em" ending syllable. The Belarusian spelling is Арцём.

The name is derived from the Ancient Greek name Artemios (Greek: Αρτέμιος), the name of the saint Artemius, derived from the name of the goddess Artemis.[1]


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