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Aruba Football Federation
Arubaanse Voetbal Bond.jpg
FIFA affiliation1988
CONCACAF affiliation1986[1]
PresidentRichard Dijkhof

The Arubaanse Voetbal Bond is the governing body of football in Aruba. Its headquarters are at Frans Figaroa sports complex (Compleho Deportivo Frans Figaroa) in the city of Noord. It is a member of FIFA and is responsible for governing amateur and professional football, including the men's, and youth national teams. The AVB is also responsible for sanctioning referees and football tournaments for most football leagues in Aruba.

Professional Leagues[edit]

The Division di Honor is the first division football league in Aruba. It comprises 10 teams and is fed by Division Uno, and Division Dos. The AVB also runs the women's league Division Damas, and Junioren for U-20 teams.

Since 2005 the AVB has operated the Torneo Copa Betico Croes for men's teams in all three divisions.

Associations Affiliated with AVB[edit]

Adult Level[edit]

  1. Aruba national football team

Youth Level[edit]

  1. Aruba U-20 national football team
  2. Aruba U-17 national football team


  1. ^ "CFU Nations Cup to be held every 4 years". Kingston Gleaner in 23 December 1986.
    "At the Zurich meeting, Aruba, St Vincent and the Grenadines and St Lucia were accepted as members of CONCACAF which should lead to their membership in FIFA after two years."

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