Aruban People's Party

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Aruban People's Party

Arubaanse Volkspartij (Dutch)
Partido di Pueblo Arubano (Papiamento)
LeaderMike Eman
FounderHenny Eman
Christian democracy
Political positionCenter-right
International affiliationCentrist Democrat International
Colours     Green[2]
Estates of Aruba
9 / 21
Coat of arms of Aruba.svg
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The Aruban People's Party (AVP; Dutch: Arubaanse Volkspartij, Papiamento: Partido di Pueblo Arubano) is a Christian democratic political party in Aruba founded in 1942.[1] AVP is an acronym for the Dutch name of the party.

At the 2001 elections, on 28 September 2001, the party won 26.7% of popular votes or 6 out of 21 seats. On 23 September 2005, the party won 38% of the popular vote or 8 out of 21 seats, making it the largest opposition party of the nation. In the 25 September 2009 election, the party came to power, winning 48% of the popular vote and 12 of the 21 seats. It held a majority in the Estates of Aruba obtaining 13 seats.

In the 2017 general election the AVP lost four of its thirteen seats in the Estates of Aruba, while remaining the largest party. AVP leader Mike Eman subsequently announced that he would resign the leadership of the AVP and that the AVP would become an opposition party.[3]


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