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The Arunachal Baptist Church Council (ABCC) is a Baptist Christian convention in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in North East India. ABCC is led by Rev. Wanlung Simai. The convention has its office at Naharlagun, Papum Pare District. ABCC is affiliated to the Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India.[1]

ABCC has 91,990 baptized members in 1,024 churches and 19 Associations.[2][3]

Member Associations[edit]

The following associations are affiliated to ABCC:

  1. Adi Baptist Churches Association (ABCA)
  2. Adi Baptist Union (ABU)
  3. Apatani Baptist Association (ABA)
  4. Council of Lirabo Baptist Churches (CLBC)
  5. Dibang Lohit Baptist Churches Association (DLBCA)
  6. Galo Baptist Church Council (GBCC)
  7. Galo Baptist Union (GBU)
  8. Hewa Baptist Church Association (HBCA)
  9. Idu Mishmi Baptist Khumu Keba Embo (IMBKKE)
  10. Mishmi Baptist Church Council (MBCC)
  11. Nokte Baptist Churches Association (NBCA)
  12. Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC)
  13. Adi Baptist Council (ABC)
  14. Tagin Baptist Churches Association (TBCA)
  15. Tangsa Baptist Churches Association (TBCA)
  16. Tutsa Baptist Church Council (TBCC)
  17. Upper Subansiri Baptist Churches Association (USBCA)
  18. Wancho Baptist Churches Association (WBCA)
  19. West Kameng Baptist Churches Council (WKBCC)

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