Arvid August Afzelius

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Arvid August Afzelius

Arvid August Afzelius (Swedish pronunciation: [ˌaɹːvid ˌɑu̯ɡɵst ˈafseːliɵs]; 8 October 1785 in Fjällåkra – 2 September 1871 in Enköping) was a Swedish pastor, poet,[1] historian and mythologist.

From 1828 till his death he was parish priest of Enköping. He is mainly known as a collaborator with the learned historian, Erik Gustaf Geijer, in the great collection of Swedish folk-songs,[1] Svenska folk-visor från forntiden, 3 vols (Stockholm, 1814-1817).[1]

He published also translations of the Poetic Edda and Hervarar saga, and a history of Sweden to Charles XII (of which a German translation was published in 1842), as well as original poems.


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