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Arvid Nelson
Notable works
Rex Mundi

Arvid Nelson is an American comic book writer, best known for Rex Mundi.

Life and career[edit]

Nelson started writing comics while at Dartmouth College, where he also converted to the Baha'i Faith.[1] After graduating in 1999 he became a production assistant on a Woody Allen film, but it was while working on a documentary about The Paris Review that he visited Paris and started picking up influences that would lead to his creating Rex Mundi.[2] It was planned as a 38 issue series and ends with issue #19.[3] He has also created spin-off stories, like "Hill of Martyrs" which started in Rex Mundi #14 and continued online.[4]

Nelson has also worked at Marvel and DC. For the former he wrote a Nightcrawler story in X-Men Unlimited. At DC he wrote a Mr Terrific story in JSA Classified and the first one-shot of The Joker's Asylum series.[5]

One major literary influence is Robert E. Howard[1] and Nelson has worked on a Kull limited series at Dark Horse and in May 2009 it was announced that he would be writing Thulsa Doom for Dynamite Entertainment.[6][7]


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